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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Moment in our Day

Occasionally I remember to stop and look at my life around me. I tend to get so caught up in this or that, that I forget to enjoy the sweet little moments as they happen. Here is just a single moment in my day yesterday. 

Madelyn quietly coloring

Mason playing a numbers game

Maya reading

Reece playing a math game to reinforce his lesson on integers
Everyone was peaceful and happy all at the same moment. In the life of a homeschool mother of young children, it doesn't seem like that happens very often. 

Take a look around you right now, what beauty can you see?



Hazel said...

What lovely industrious but peaceful children you have...in these photos anyway. Lovely.

David said...

I was just up on the website that holds my pictures. I was sharing the pictures with my grandson of his mother now 26 when she was 10. He thought is was funny to see Mom in kid form.

Cherish those moments in life that build memories because they grow up so fast. Sometimes we don't realize how good those times were until they're gone.

Habe a great peaceful memory day.


I saw a full moon with hooty owls calling to each other while enjoying a bag of licorice.

Jennifer said...

Hey, I didn't even know owls liked licorice! :) I also watched the moon last night.

Beautiful pictures, Marisa. I love how your home is flooded with light.

Judi said...

I home school too and I am always grateful for those moments when everyone is focused and anxiously engaged!

Mariah said...

I find that living in awareness makes me appreciate my life at every turn. I can see the beauty of this blog and I am aware that I have manifested what I need in my life through my consciousness and your hard work. I am grateful not only for my immediate family with whom I share my home, but also with my chosen family who I can see a little bit of in you. I urge you to keep up the beautiful work here. Don't hesitate to ask if you ever need anything :)

Unknown said...

Hazel, "in these photos" are the key words! As my mother likes to say, my kids are "highly spirited"

David, I didn't get to see many photos of my parents as kids. I think it is good for children to see, and for parents to talk about the things they went through as kids. Good for you for sharing that with your grandson.

Maybelline and Jennifer, I'm still giggling thinking of owls with a bag of licorice.

Judi, if you ever find great secrets to getting kids anxiously engaged, do share!

Mariah, that was beautifully said, thank you.

Dale Johnson said...

Michael and Marisa,

If you continue to home school your children through middle school and high school, I hope you will build into their curriculums extended visits back east so we can teach them history and government through through all the sites here.

Debbie Schreck said...

Precious children! Enjoy them while you can. They grow up far to quickly. It's nice to recognize your blessings everyday.

Unknown said...


We will take you up on that!

Olson Clan said...

Love your post. so precious! I am dying to know where you got the hanging chair and what it is called. I spent half the night trying to find it on the internet and didn't even get close.

janie said...

Your house looks amazing, your kids are gorgeous, and you've convinced me that I should be homeschooling! That post makes your life look like my fantasy!!

Holly said...

I love that space in Madelyn's photos - wherever did you get the little hanging buckets? Very clever. Also love Maya's hanging chair.

Unknown said...

Hanging buckets and hanging chair are both from Ikea. I love that place.

Mona @ Healthy Homesteading said...

Very cute! Madelyn is a great name! It's both my daughter's and my sister's name. Spelling is the same too :)