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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Intersted in Bees?

If you are interested in getting started with bees, you may want to look into joining a Bee Keepers Association. The Utah County Association is only $12 per household per year.  We will be joining the association (you don't have to be a Utah County resident to join), and will be attending the pot luck dinner tomorrow night. Will we see any of you there?
The Utah County Bee Keepers Association has all sorts of great FREE information on beekeeping, click here to check it out.



Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

We used to keep bees (in Alaska and then here in Wisconsin). It seems that my husband has become allergic to bee stings so we haven't kept any bees for a few years. I wonder if Wisconsin has a bee keepers association?

Unknown said...

Astrid, I just did a search for the Wisconsin Bee Keepers Association, they have one! Here is the sight: http://www.wihoney.com/

I would love to hear more about your bees in Alaska! I wouldn't think you could have them up there.

Amy @ Benefits of Honey Blog said...

I am actually looking to get into bee keeping in the early spring. I will have to check out the Utah County Association.

Marisa, i'm new to your blog - how long have you been bee keeping for?

Would be good to learn from another fellow blogger :)

Unknown said...

Amy, we haven't kept bees yet. We have lived in this home for only a few months. Prior to this we lived in the city and our neighbors were fine with us having chickens but not bees or goats. So, we are just trying to get into it. We can start together!