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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chicken Tushies

This video may make you vomit a little in your mouth. If you have a weak disposition toward seeing naked chicken tushies, please do not watch!

We only had to check their bums for the first week.


Amy Kinser said...

What a cute little tushy. I really do appreciate you showing this. I never knew to do this when our chickens were little. Thankfully, we must have never had a problem or just didn't lose any because of it.

David said...

That's a new for me. We never checked anything like that when we raised chickens. We bought the box full of chickens with holes in it to raise for fryers in six weeks time. We might have had 30 or 40 chics and I don't remember that we ever lost too many other than coyote lunch. It makes sense though to make sure all the parts are working and not blocked.

Have a great chicken raising day.

Amy said...

Ahhhh pasty butt! A common issue that causes this is temperature changes and stress. I've never had it happen to any I have hatched myself, but often with shipped chicks. Good luck with your sweet little ones. :-)

Violet said...

As unlovely as this is, I appreciate this video. I'm getting my first chicks in two weeks, and didn't know this was something I had to do for them. Thank you!

Genevia Jensen said...

You said that some breed are more prone to this happening....do you know which breeds those are? We will be getting our first chickens on March 23rd, and I'm still trying to learn everything.

Unknown said...

That is a good question Genevia. I haven't had every type of breed as a chick, so I can't give you an all inclusive list. I wish I could! I can tell you that I didn't have the problem with any of my black sex links, Rhode Island Reds, or Delaware Whites. I had a problems with the silkies, barred rock, and aurakanas. It was only a problem for the first week, so just make sure you check all the chicks each day. Good luck!!!