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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Destiny Brings Them Together

Some things are destined to be together; chocolate and peanut butter, Scully and Mulder, politicians and corruption, bacon and ....well....er.......bacon and everything. Even some plants are destined to join together to make each other better, stronger, and like bacon, tastier.

In past articles we have discussed the benefits of companion planting. Companion planting is the practice of sowing plants together in order to increase yields, and to help reduce pests in the garden. In our garden we love to plant tomatoes with marigolds. The marigolds repel pests that are attracted to tomatoes.

I found a good article about companion planting on The University of Florida's extension site. It has a great list of plants and their companions. It also notes which plants don't do well together. Check out the list below. Introduce companion planting into your garden plan this year. It is a natural way to help improve your garden.

Let us know if you companion plant, and if so, what works well for you?

~Mike ~



I companion plant a bunch using Tomatoes Love Carrots as my guide. This summer I'm trying the 3 Sisters method of corn, beans, and squash along with everything else.

PS - Some of your images aren't working out so well today.

contessa20 said...

Tomatoes and basil. I've never had success with basil before and then last year I put them between my tomato plants and the basil went NUTS. It was huge and bushy and we were eating off of it all summer and into the fall.

regina said...

tomatoes and basil. last year we did some squash and beans which worked well so this year we are throwing the corn in too.
I have been obsessed with companion planting since our planting space is not huge, so i have onions and potatoes and garlic together, strawberry and rhubarb, beans/squash/corn, tomato and basil all in different sections.....hopefully it will work out!

Mike said...

Maybelline: You have suggested Tomatoes Love Carrots before. I will need to order it from Abe Books. Thanks for the reminder.

Contessa 20: Glad to here the Basil worked well for you last year. We have found the same thing.

Regina: Let us know how it works out. Send pictures of the results if you want and we will post them.

bandwidow said...

Thank for the list, printing that baby out and keepin in gardening journal!