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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Snowy Afternoon.

We just bought a tiller. I can't wait to use it, but the snow on the ground is prohibiting me. 

So I decided to do some decorating inside. I have this large wall that desperately needs some attention.
It is just blahhhh.
I want something a little bold. A little daring. Something with a few pops of color.
I pulled everything I could possibly use into the living room and started arranging and painting.
While the paint was drying, I hung a few of the larger items,
here is where we are currently.
I still need something a little daring and definitely need some POPS of color, and poor Reece needs his picture on the wall.
I will keep you updated on my progress.


Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

I love the super-size photos & chalkboard. Looks great!

I am awarding you the Stylish Blogger Award. You can visit my site for all of the details on accepting the award :)


Anonymous said...

You can always do framed records or just painted squares in varying depths to add pops of color and interest. I can give you photos of framed record walls in my home if you'd like. =)

Unknown said...

Astrid, thank you so much!

Alexis, I would love to see a picture, could you email it to

Elle said...

this is a kind of neat etsy shop that has wall vinyl decorations:


i'm not sure if that's what you're looking for, but it's another idea ;)

David said...

Marisa, it's always good to have a backup plan to fall back on. I always have an inside project going to work on during the rainy days of summer. It keep production moving forward.

I hope you had a great rearranging day.