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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Backyard farm, OR ELSE!

Corn, wheat, soybeans, and rice feed the world. You can find them in almost every processed food. Meat and dairy products are made of them. For decades supply outstripped demand as production increased much faster than population. But things are changing. We are running out of land, water, oil, and other inputs. Yields are not increasing as fast as in years past. The population continues to grow and we are constantly finding new uses such as biofuels for these crops. Demand is now outstripping supply and prices for these commodities are skyrocketing. Soon these prices will be reflected in skyrocketing grocery bills. Is there a solution to this problem? Yes! Backyard Farm! In the past gardening has been more of a hobby. It made little economic sense to garden when produce in the grocery store was much cheaper that growing it yourself, especially when you considered your labor. But in the future, many people will find it economically essential to grow their own food. Anyone who has any size plot of land should consider starting now. A small back yard can produce fruits and vegetables from early spring to late fall. A few laying hens will utilize the refuse and produce fertilizer and eggs. A little more land can feed a dairy goat and some broiler chickens. A small farm can support bees and beeves. Set a goal now on how much of your own food you will produce this year. Increase that goal next year. You will feel the relief in your pocketbook and your physical, emotional, and spiritual outlook on life will soar.

~Uncle Dale


A Mini Beginning said...

I think it would be great to start seeing (especially in this economy) people reverting back to the "old days" were families lived off their own land! I would also love to start seeing more farmer's markets and farm stands around instead of these huge big name companies that don't really care about the foods that they are selling or the people that buy and eat them! We started sewing our seeds this week and still have alot that need to be done soon. I would love to someday have our very own milking goat! But processing the milk in order for us it is WAY out of my league! I wouldn't even know where to start!

Shaunika said...

I certainly agree with everything you just said Dale, but I'll also add one thing. The government needs to stop paying farmers to NOT farm. I live near the bay area in California and when we drive to southern CA, we drive through a LOT of unused land. These farms sit idle and bare. And once cared for orchards have been left to go wild. But I agree, the backyard farm is becoming more and more essential. Just came in from watering the fruit trees and feeding the chickens and rabbits. And we're getting ready to plant our little corn crop.

Deb W said...

Thank you Uncle Dale -
I know there are plenty of folks who think like we do - but there are also those who do NOT! I live in town and have a tiny lot behind my townhouse. When I got my angorarabbits for spinning fiber, my workmates thought that was neat. Now that I bought a few pullets for eggs, they're talking about having an 'intervention,' to set me straight.....and I don't think they are really kidding! These are all folks who are far too young to remember when this was NORMAL.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, and it doesn't take a farm size lot. Everyone can get involved starting with containers and going up to setting aside backyard space.