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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Either Fart or be Fat

Have you watched this video yet? It is all about the "white poison", sugar. If you haven't seen it, grab a coke and some cinnamon bears big glass of water and a carrot, and get cozy. It is an hour and a half, but it is very enlightening, I know you won't be disappointed.

If you just want to hear about being "fat or farting" skip to about 1:14:00 and listen until the end for a nice recap of the entire video.

Then when you are intellectually worn out, check out this funny SNL clip on HFC

And here is the original that SNL is making fun of.

What do you think of this sugar and high fructose corn syrup debate?



Karina said...

"Natural enough" has me baffled :) Did that part come from the scientists too?

That was so funny.

A Mini Beginning said...

Thanks for sharing the video! I wish I could get everyone I know to sit and watch it! Do you ever catch the Jamie Oliver show? I am hooked on it rigt now and he reminds me of this guy here in the video. It is sickening to think about what we think is harmless and also at the amounts of foods that contain toxic materials in them that we are oblivious to!

Anonymous said...

This has definitely been on our mind. I gave up diet soda a couple years back and now we're trying to eat all whole foods (short ingredient lists, no additives, fresh whenever possible). It's hard but I do feel better.

Unknown said...

@Karina- "natural enough" is not good enough, don't you agree?

@a mini beginning- I love the Jamie Oliver Show, we have watched a lot of the episodes together as a family, I believe it is important to educate the kids while they are young.

@Alexis- good for you! One step at a time, right? I'm still working at it as well.

Holly said...

Wow this was a great video. It explains so much about why dieting can be frustrating and how to do it right. I loved the bio-chem explanation. They should teach this stuff to kids in "health" rather than the stupid food pyramid.


Oh heck no! I'm not watching anything that suggests I should give up one of my vices. I'm over the hill and intend to eat cake till the end. Party on!

Unknown said...

@Holly, I agree!

@Maybelline, ha ha, you are the best!!!

megan said...

Hahahahaaa! I hadn't seen that SNL video - though I had seen the crazy original ad it was based on! Hilarious!

daisy g said...

I haven't watched the videos yet, but I know that HFCS has a negative effect on my lil' guy. We just don't use it at all.

I gave up white sugar for New Year's and am happy with sucanat as a sub.

Maybelline-Me too-and chocolate!

Melissa Carr said...

WOW...very eye opening! Like a mini beginning said, I wish I could get everyone I know and love to sit and watch this.

daisy g said...

Wow! I finally had time to watch the videos. Quite enlightening, although we had given up HFCS long ago. Thanks for the 411!