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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Reap What You Sow

By Mike

We have been busy getting our house for sale lately so our garden has been a little neglected. We finally got around to planting our root vegetables and our leafy greens. Check out this video about planting root vegetables. Watch for the various tips embedded throughout.

By Mike


The Bach 10 said...

the house on the corner of Orion Hill and Orion Hill Cove dropped the price to 299. not sure if that is in your price range or not. Would love having you even closer to us!!

Kalena Michele said...

Great video! It looked like a gorgeous day outside. God bless on your house search! Post more garden vids when you can.

Jennifer said...

I love, LOVE, that you aren't letting your impending home sale keep you from planting a garden. Who knows -- you may sell before you even harvest; someone else may reap what you've sown. But isn't that a great philosophy too?

(On a related note, the August that we moved was also the first season I'd grown tomatoes from seed. I was so sad to leave my garden -- I wanted to harvest a tomato, by golly! Not knowing whether it'd work or not, the day before we moved I transplanted one of those tomatoes into a big pot to take with me. Trouble is, we forgot to load the pot on our moving truck. So the new people were left with a big pot and an eerily similar sized hole in the ground.)

Unknown said...


It was a gorgeous day. The funny thing is that it snowed two days later. Good for skiing, bad for gardening.