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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ideas or Mother's Day

Michael Johnson

Mother's day stresses me out. I think women are wonderful and I want to try to find a gift for my mom and my wife that show them the appreciation I have for all that they do. For some reason, a flower that dies, chocolates that are gone in a day, or breakfast in bed while leaving the kitchen messy just don't seem to cut it. Here are some ideas for Mother's day gifts for that mom that loves her backyard farm.

Rare Chicken

Get her a cool chicken that you might not already have. Something that will stand out from the rest of the group. The first breed that comes to mind is a Silkie, but there are a lot of other beautiful birds out there to chose from. I like to peruse my pet chicken to see some of them and you can order them from there website. The picture is from their website.

Sprout Lid

Does the Mom in your life like fresh veggies for her salad the whole year round. If so, get her a sprout lid. It is a cheap gift that she can use with a mason jar to grow sprouts all year.

Mushroom Kit

How about those Mom's that like to eat new and exotic foods. I can't think of anything more exotic than Mushrooms that you grow yourself. I know it's not romantic but you can always have a nice romantic dinner. I am thinking maybe some mushroom ravioli. Type in mushroom kit into your browser and you will find a lot of stores where you can have a kit shipped to you. I recommend that you buy as local as you can.

Garden Fashion

Mom's like to look good, even when they are playing in freshly tilled dirt. Find some garden fashion and make them the envy of all the ladies. I am thinking boots, gloves, aprons and even hats. Whatever you think they might like.

Yogurt Culture

Buy your Mom some yogurt cultures and make them some fresh homemade yogurt for Mothers Day. There are a lot of different kind of cultures but all you need is a packet of the culture and some milk and viola, you have fresh creamy yogurt for your Mom to enjoy.

These are just a few ideas. I wanted to say how much I appreciate and love the female spirit. The world is a better place because of your love and nurturing. You Moms smooth out the roughness of men. Thank you for all you do.

We need more ideas. Let us know what you are all getting the Mom's in your life. What are you buying, or better yet, what are you making for them. Share some ideas so we can make Mother's Day a special day for all mom's.


Unknown said...

Good ideas! Especially the chicken! One year my family gave me a Lady Banks Rose bush to plant in my yard. I LOVED it! When we moved years later, I was tempted to dig it up, but I decided to let it bless the next person. Another year I got a Dogwood Tree. This year I would love to get a rotary tiller!

Unknown said...

Love the idea of a rotary tiller. Not your normal mothers day gift.

Anonymous said...

All of these things are calling my name! This is a great list.

My favorite "gifts" are when my husband and boys work together to build me something I want and don't want to spend $$ on. For my birthday in January, my dh built me a rabbit hutch in secret then my boys both bought me a bunny with their own money. Sweet.

I'm hoping a chicken coop will be my MD present. A girl can dream.

Unknown said...

I agree mother hen. All of the things I listed cost money but service is sometimes the best gift we can give.

Laura @ Getting There said...

These are great ideas, all things I would love. Those boots especially! I was just thinking yesterday how I'd love a nice pair of rubber boots.

Mountain Home Quilts said...

I'll take one of each thank you very much! :)
The neat thing about the sprout lid for moms is that you can also use it to top a mason jar with frogs or larger bugs in it! It works great!


I want the cool chicken!

Karen said...

That was a seriously sweet post, Mike. Really nice.

I would love any of the items on this list too! I want to give my mom a "bouquet the month" for a year from flowers from my garden. Since I don't actually have a flower garden yet and would have to figure out how to do some inside for the winter months, that will have to be another year. I will probably do "cookie of the month" instead and bake her a new kind of cookie every month. I hope that shows her I think about and appreciate her all the time.

I just may do the cool chicken thing for my dad for Father's Day though. He just got a fresh new batch of chicks for the first time in 15+ years. He'd like that. Thanks for the idea.

Summer said...

I got a nice, big cleaver for my anniversary ^_^