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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Joys of Gardening with Children

We were watching home videos from last year and we came across this video. It has made me so excited for our un-planted garden to start producing.

I apologize for the scantily clad children (it was June of last year, my kids don't wear much in the summer), my potty mouth, and the dirty window (just pretend you don't notice).


Kristi said...

Man, I wish I was your next door neighbor Marisa! Also, I love that you call Mason "Bubba" what a Texas thing to do ; )

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, Mason (Bubba) won't let us call him anything else. Michael doesn't think that "Bubba's" can amount to much else that a beer drinking, potato chip eating, TV watching slob. Do we have any successful Bubba's out there reading this blog????

ChristyACB said...

That was just too cute!

Adorable kids and a very neat garden!

Holly said...

That's so funny. As for the nickname, my dad and his brother were each called Butchie and Buddy their entire lives. One became a successful engineer and the other an advanced mechanic - so there is hope.