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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Look at a Chicken Coop

One of our readers, Damon, had an interesting idea for a chicken coop that I thought I would share. He is using part of an existing shed in his backyard. The outside run was built with some lumber and chicken wire. He said that this setup is temporary until he comes up with a better idea, but I think it is great!
The nests are inside the shed with a ramp leading up to it. Damon says, "The box with the stalls (and holes drilled in them so the birds can talk) is where I plan to have them lay eggs. I don't know what the problem is but they don't seem to like the enclosed box where they lived as chicks. The hole that goes outside from there is 7 inches square. I hope its not too small. I may have to make it bigger."

As you can see there is a door with a latch so he can easily access the eggs in the nest. I'm assuming he keeps the feed and cleaning supplies for the chickens all in the shed as well which would make for quick and easy feedings and cleanings. Damon said, "This is my first attempt at chickens and eggs. I just want them to live." I think he has a great setup, some good looking birds, and will have a lot of success with his city flock of hens. Thanks Damon for sharing your endeavors in backyard farming with us.
If you would like to share any of your ventures in backyard farming please send your pictures and a description of what it is to backyardfarmingblog@gmail.com.



Brandi said...

I love that coop layout. I'm going to change the inside of my coop to be more like that, I think. Great idea!

Unknown said...

You are TOTALLY full of surprises Marisa! Gee, how can I be more like you?