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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pregnant tomatoes!

I was amused to slice a tomato today at lunch and see bright green seedlings inside. I became a believer long ago of how easy tomatoes are to grow from seed, but come on, you guys -- this makes me wonder if tomatoes want to phase me out as a gardener altogether. :)


daisy g said...

What???!!! I think tomato growing is an art. One with which I have great difficulty. ;0D

David said...

Jennifer, huh, never seen that before but gardening is always full of surprises, don't you think. I'm just downing a totally fresh garden salad now. Tomatoes, green peppers, and cucumbers. I could have put in some lettuce and onions but that's for another day. All are so juicy and tasty. Even my grandson, who doesn't like tomatoes, took a sniff of one and said, "wow, that really smells good." However, I couldn't get him to sample one. The power of the mind is pretty strong in a 10 year old. The garden is producing well this year. Well, all except the sweet corn. Those blasted raccoons are starting with sweet corn eating early this year. I'm almost done with fence building but they have ravished the corn already. The ears are barely formed and the silks are hardly on the ears but they have stripped the ears only to leave them ruined. Looks like no corn again this year but next year will for sure be the year that the little buggers will be foiled. I'm determined to out maneuver them. It's not about the corn any more. It's about a test of wills and who will win. :-) Well, not really. It's more about a challenge to see if it can be done without harming the wild life. I see portable electric fencing in my future next year. :-)

Have a great day in the garden.

Jennifer said...

Dave, portable electric fencing, eh? Sounds intriguing. I get raccoons in my yard, too. Your grandson sounds like a delight!