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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Garden fireworks

Happy Independence Day! A few years back I wrote here about the memory of my 5-year-old son seeing dill blossoms in our garden and excitedly saying, "Look, Mom! A firecracker plant!"

Well, now the tides have turned, because after hours and hours working in my yard this week I'm starting to see the garden in fireworks. I'm posting these pictures soon after taking them, and since fireworks go off in the dark it's naturally rather late and ... the tired sillies may or may not be in effect.  All the same, I present my garden fireworks gallery:


Reverse dandelions -- white stem and green seed heads

Birds and blue sky

Hummingbird and flower


I always wondered how to get fireworks pictures that weren't a)nothing but tiny dots or b)nothing but glare. I set my digital SLR to low ISO (100) and bulb shutter speed, meaning the shutter stayed open as long as I pressed the button. These images were between 3 and 20 seconds. A tripod is helpful, although I didn't use one for these pictures.