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Monday, April 15, 2013

Chicken Madness: Round 2

We have finished the first round of our chicken madness contest. All the chickens we received in our email have had a chance to compete. Our first contest was a tie so seven chickens have qualified to move on to Round 2. We will have 2 contests in the 2nd round. The chicken with the most votes in each contest will move on to the final. Now is when the chickens will prove themselves as true champions. Vote for your favorite chicken at the bottom of the post.

Chicken A

This is for the chicken contest. her name is Mohawka, she is a buff lace polish and yes her hair/feathers is pulled back. she's a diva chick.


Chicken B

I have so many pictures i had a hard time choosing, but this one is a New Hampshire Red named Annie. :) 

My blog is: www.mercyisnew.com 

Chicken C

We call her PigPen - because she's really that messy. :)

Chicken D

We adopted a few chickens that (sadly!!) had their beaks clipped. they have started to grow back, thankfully, but this little girl still makes us smile with her crooked little mouth.

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Proverbs Thirty One Woman said...

My vote for C isn't showing up :(