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Monday, April 8, 2013

Chicken Madness: 5th Challenge

We are having so much fun viewing your chicken pictures. Here are two strong contestants that could end up winning their owners a book. You know the drill. Vote for your favorite chicken at the bottom of the post.

Chicken (rooster) A

Here is a picture of our handsome, suave Rooster named Buddy.

 Thanks  JILL

Chicken B

Without further adieu, here's Cruella.  She's wearing her pinless peepers because, true to her name, she likes to pluck other people's feathers.

You can see more chicken fun at Cranky Puppy Farm at crankypuppy.blogspot.com.


Jamie said...

Cute chickens, love the pictures!

DFW said...

I vote for Chicken B.

CrankyPuppy said...

Oh, goodness, this is too much fun. I think Chicken A is going to give Cruella a run for her money. And we all know how funny it is to see chickens run! LOL.