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Friday, March 11, 2011

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Can you see him? 

Maybe if I zoom in, it would help.

 The problem is....
My chickens are supposed to go, here.

We really want a name for our homestead.
Fantastic Mr. Fox has been coming around a lot lately,
we are thinking about naming our place,
Red Fox Farms.
What do you think?



Dani said...

Reckon Red Fox Farm is a perfect name.

And snow :-)

Shaunika said...

I dig it!

Cate said...

I think it is perfect! Now if you could get a great close-up pic of him, you can add it to your blog intro.

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

I like that name too.

brooke said...

Great name but he needs to find a new place to hang out.

Unknown said...

I agree! He needs a new home.


Uh sorry for raining on your idea; but I think of Redd Foxx the foul (not fowl) mouthed comedian from Sanford & Son.

How about something referring to The Tale of Mr. Tod by Beatrix Potter?

daisy g said...

Love it!