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Monday, October 18, 2010

Mother of All First Aid Kits - week 6

Hey there, it's that time again! Time to get out your grocery list to write down the next items for your first aid kit.

Week 6 Grocery List
 Lighter- $3.88
Thermometer- $3.12
flashlight- $1

Total- $ 8

If you missed a week, or would like to start your own Mother of All First Aid Kits, check out these links:

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Deb W said...

Is that one of those thermometers that require batteries? I don't care if it DOES have mercury, I'm hanging on to my old low-tech one.

Don't get me wrong. I am SO into being prepared, and I really appreciate you doing this. In fact, when it comes to first aid kits, not only do we need to prepare for 'the big one,' we should carry smaller versions in purse, car, barn, boat, anywhere those little incidents can happen.

Vanalee said...

Just so you know I bought a container at Costco last week and organized the first aid stuff I have in it. Now, I need to make a list of things to buy in the US next time I am there. I was surprised at how many things I already have. The last time I had a terrific first aid kit was when I was taking to Liahona every year.

Thanks for doing this!

Anonymous said...

How many weeks are in this project? Is there a way to get the whole list? You can email me @ pansy567@msn.com. I'm the preparedness specialist and this would be a great summer time project for me to get this group going on! Thanks for all you do! I'm the one in S Jordan, I think my life is slowing down a little. Would love a visit! Lorie