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Monday, July 21, 2008

Todays Harvest

3 zucchini, 3 crook neck squash, and some fresh basil

I threw some wild flower seeds around my front garden bed this spring and they are in full bloom, these yellow flowers are my favorite today.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful photos! Do tell us how you cook the squash. I'm always looking for more squash recipes for my arsenal (and you do need the big guns by summer's end!).

marisa said...

We got about 6 yellow squash from our CSA as well, so we are up to our eyeballs in squash. I'm going to cut, blanch and freeze most of this batch. I really like it when Michael slices the squash length wise and throws it on the grill. I might steam some of the next harvest to puree it and add it to sauces, muffins and breads.

If you are a neighbor of mine, you can expect to receive some zucchini or squash this year as well. I was able to give 2 away yesterday.

Paula said...

Lovely photos. That squash looks super fresh. I expect to start harvesting our veggies in another couple of weeks. The herbs are in hyper mode now, and so they are keeping me busy and allowing me to add fresh herb flavor to our summertime dishes.

marisa said...

I wish my herbs were in hyper mode, I have tons of basil and parsley, everything else is growing at a snails pace.