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Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Chores

Reece (in the foreground) is 7, he's in charge of watering the chickens, and helping Maya with the food.
Maya (5) is the keeper of the eggs, and also helps feed the chickens.
Lady bug rain boots would make my summer chores so much more fun, I think I need some!


Em said...

Oh - I just got some great rain boots (now I'm going to call them Chicken boots) at Joanns the other day - they were 60% off!

marisa said...

I was just at Joann's yesterday and I didn't see any. Maybe I will have to head back there just to see if my store has them!

Em said...

I just wrote an article on backyard chickens in my town... check it out!


I've also created a petition to try to get the ordinance changed. Wish me luck - I really want some hens of my own!

Jennifer said...

Emily, I read your article and was impressed. Please keep us updated on your petition efforts.

I need a mentor in that arena. My town ordinance requires a certain square footage to be able to have chickens. Not square footage guidelines for the actual keeping of the chickens, mind you, but just the size of your lot -- your house included. I find this space factor arbitrary and unfair. (Naturally my lot is just shy of it.)

Has anyone out there successfully petitioned for ordinance changes?

Em said...

Jennifer, (I couldn't contact you any other way) That's a great idea - I will have some links on my new website later today with info on other people who have successfully changed thier town's ordinances - check it out later today... Don't give up on your dreams, fight for them and make a difference! Em