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Monday, July 14, 2008

Taking a Stand

One of our readers, Emily Cole, is taking a stand. As a resident of Wake Forest, she has to jump through hoops in order to raise chickens. She has written an article educating others on chickens and encouraging others to be open minded about it. Way to go Emily!!!

Click here to read the article!


Dale said...

Emily's article is great! I agree with everything she says. We need to liberate the layers from the concentration camps. They belong in our backyard farms. Hopefully, Emily can pursuade Wake Forest to lead the way in easing the regulations against layers.

Em said...

Thanks Dale and Marisa! I have started a new blog about the effort too... it's www.wfchickens.blogspot.com, and there is a link to the petition on the sidebar. I appreciate all of the support - we need it!