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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Regina's Backyard Adventure

Here at Backyard Farming, we love to hear from our readers! Regina has sent us some pictures of her backyard farm and her adorable girls, (chicken and human).

Regina has had a desire for chickens for about 6 years, this spring, she took the plunge, and ordered 16 chicks.

Regina says:

"I started with 16 chicks, and we now have seven. We lost the first 4 to a cat, and 11 to either coyotes or dogs. Since April we have purchased 3 extras, and after the big loss of 11, a dear friend brought me over 4 of her hens. One big lesson I have learned is that no matter how well fed, watered, and cared for, they still maintain a pecking order. I have learned to fit time into my schedule to just watch their behaviors to see how well they are getting along and who needs to be with who in which particular run. The hens are fun to watch. And hold when you can catch them. ;) All (4) of our children help me with them and they have proven to be a super adventure that I hope lasts years to come."

"I had seen enclosed runs in "A Slice of Organic Life" and so when they are not in their house, they are in two runs. My brother-in-law constructed them so I can drag them to where ever I want to put the chickens for the day. I needed an enclosed space because we have neighbor dogs that are loose a lot of the time. (They managed to get 11 in one day while we were away.)"

For the hen house they revamped an old shed that was full of manure and in need of some love and care. Her mother-in-law helped dig out layers and layers of manure, eventually they found the foundation. Her and her husband were able to fix up the roof, and with the help of a brother-in-law they were able to fix the floor and installed a door.

I love this picture as the sun is illuminating the grass and some cute tail feathers.

Thanks Regina for sharing your backyard adventure with us!

You can check out more of Regina's adventures on her blogs:

If you would like to share your backyard adventure, please email your photos and any information to backyardfarmingblog(at)gmail(dot)com.

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