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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Haul Part II- Have You Herd?

Another gift we got for Christmas is the game Have You Herd. It is a fun little dice game that was created in Warsaw Poland in 1943 and was originally named The Little Animal Farm. It was invented by a professor who lost his job when the Nazis shut down Warsaw University and therefore lost his job. He needed an income and came up with this game, it quickly became popular as it helped children and adults survive the hard evenings of the occupation. Only a few of the original copies of the game survived, but it has been brought back for us to enjoy.

Through rolling dice, multiplying your herd, and trading, you want to end up with a complete herd (at least 1 of each; rabbit, sheep, pig, cow, and horse) It suggests players be at least 8 or older, but Maya (7) completely understands the rules of the game, and Mason (5) is able to play with a little bit of help.

 Make sure you give the baby some Cheerios so she doesn't eat the game pieces. 



David said...

That's a great family moment. With the advent of the game machine it is so hard to get families at a table to do anything. In my daughter's house, there is no table for the family to sit around. Everything done in front of some kind of screen, whether it be TV, computer, cell phone, etc. She wasn't raised that way but it a sign of the busy life style she and her family leads. Game boards and strategy games are replaced with computer box games that require shooting and other sorid things. With so much stimulas available is it any wonder they get bored with reading a book.

Sorry just my soapbox moment.

Have a great post Christmas week.

Unknown said...

Stay on that soapbox, I completely agree Dave!


Melissa Engeeth said...

Wow, I just found your blog and am so excited to find a like-minded blogger. I have read a little and have found a slew of great ideas! I look forward to reading and learning more!

Unknown said...

Welcome, Melissa. We are glad to have you here at Backyard Farming!