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Monday, July 19, 2010

P-Day First Aid Kit-Week 2

Woot Woot, it is P-Day (preparedness day) and I know that you are all extremely excited! Hopefully you have collected your items for Week 1 of the  Mother of All First Aid Kits and we are on our way to being prepared.  We know that as we are prepared we don't need to fear or stress. If you haven't started your very own Mother of All First Aid Kit, don't fret, just start today with week 1.

Mother of All First Aid Kit Grocery List- Week 2

Bandage $3.77
Butterfly closures $1.52
Neosporin $3.87

Total this week- $9.16

Now, go write this down on your grocery list, your planner, iphone, hand, bathroom stall,  where ever, just make sure you write it down so you don't forget. What are you doing still sitting here? Get moving, go write it down.

Don't you already feel the release of fear and stress?

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