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Monday, July 12, 2010

Mother of All First Aid Kits - week 1

by Marisa

Two weeks ago we were at the park with some friends, Reece was riding his scooter down a grassy hill and fell off. He came and told me that his arm was really hurting. He laid down next to me and told me he wanted to go home. I kindly told him that his arm would hurt whether we were at home or if we were at the park (I'm sure I will never live those words down).  A few more minutes passed and I could tell that he was really getting uncomfortable. When I looked at his arm I could tell that it was starting to swell. I told my lady friends and asked them what I should do. They all came over to inspect it and give their opinion, except my friend Jackie. She asked me if I wanted her to get a first aid kit from the car. I politely told her it wouldn't be necessary. She asked again, and I told her I didn't think we needed it. She asked a third time and I was thinking, what good is a bandaid and some neosporin going to do?!??! But told her "yes, go get the first aid kit".  She didn't come back with a sad little first aid kit like I have in my car. This was the MOTHER OF ALL FIRST AID KITS. She whipped out a cold pack to help with swelling and a triangle bandage to make a sling. 

Reece did end up breaking his arm, and thank goodness for water proof casts!!!

So this experience got me thinking about how unprepared I was. Jackie's first aid kit gave Reece immediate comfort and protection from further damage. We know that as we are prepared, we don't need to stress or fear. And we don't need any more stress or fear in our lives, am I right?

I've decided to make Monday's here at Backyard Farming P-Days standing for Preparedness Day. Each Monday we will have instructions on how to get more prepared. We will start with "The Mother of All First Aid Kits". Each week I will give you a list of everything you need to purchase for the week, all items will total $10 or less. We all have tight budgets, but I think that $10 is something we can sacrifice to be more prepared. I will be making my purchases from Walmart and basing everything off of their prices (I know many of you feel that Walmart is the Anti-Christ) but they are available to almost everyone reading this blog. Feel free to get your supplies from your favorite store.


Container to hold items - $3.45
Gauze - $1.44
Bandaids - $.96
1 box instant cold pack (2 in box) $1.54
Peroxide $.52

Total -$7.91

Now, go write this down on your grocery list, your planner, iphone, hand, bathroom stall,  where ever, just make sure you write it down so you don't forget. What are you doing still sitting here? Get moving, go write it down.

Don't you already feel the release of fear and stress?


Rachel said...

There's this fantastic blog called Safely Gathered In that's all about preparedness. You should definitely check it out!

Unknown said...

Thanks, I will definately check that out.

Jennifer said...

Great idea. I like your approach of doing small steps once a week rather than trying to tackle it all at once. I often get overwhelmed that way.

Funny, I've heard that expression about Walmart before ...

teekaroo said...

How big of a container do you think we'll need?

Unknown said...

I got the same size container as my friend Jackie's was. It is 12"x8" and 6" tall. I'm planning on having everything fit.

Karen said...

bathroom stall...

Jacks said...

I love having mine. You will be so happy to have one.

Amber said...

What a great idea for the car! I especially love the instant cold packs. Jake was in Scouts with Bryan for a long time, and he said Bryan is the most prepared man on a campout EVER!