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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Contributor: Sarah Moyar

Name: Sarah Moyar
Age: 29
Residence: Texas

Occupation: I'm a stay at home mother of two and the sole proprietor of an independent design company, Jedidiah's Novelties.

Interests: They're known to change on a dime! I hyper focus to a point of research many never care to obtain.

What brings you to backyard farming? I love the idea of sustainable living. I want to not only be a conscientious consumer, but also be as self sufficient as possible. I also strive to slow the pace of modern living and provide an outlet for myself and my family - bringing purpose and adventure, as well as retrieving lost education.

What do you like to write about? Armed with a background in health education, inherit farming lineage, and my mother's expert horticulture advice - I will be contributing urban gardening tips, recipes and whatever else inspires me. But beware - I am known to bake a pie or try my hand at any number of age-old pursuits!

What are you really good at?
Talking. I talk ALL the time.

What was your Mother right about?

Many things, but the thing that pops out immediately is health and nutrition.

What is one thing you'll never understand?


Something on my mind lately is...

What next?

Guiltiest pleasure?


What makes you laugh?


What is something that no one knows about you?

Let's not rock that boat.

My life would be simpler if...

I had a maid and cook. ;)

What surprises you about adult life?

It's way better than childhood.

Simplest pleasure?

Swimming, and sunny days in the 60's.

What are you most proud of?

Finishing my college degree with my oldest daughter.

What's the quality you like least in others?

Fake and unoriginal.

What is your favorite motto?

"This too shall pass."


Katie said...

"What are you most proud of?
Finishing my college degree with my oldest daughter."

Do you mean after you had your oldest daughter, or you finished at the same time your oldest daughter finished? I was going crazy trying to figure out how that would work with you only being 29 :-D

Sarah said...

I would love to keep you guessing, but I shall clarify! I had one semester left after my oldest daughter was born. When she was 15mos. we packed up went back to Texas A&M, got an apartment for one semester and I graduated. After graduation we came back home to hubby/daddy! I made the best grades ever!