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Monday, May 23, 2011


The prettiest tree on our property happened to be placed right over our poo tank. Apparently that is a big "no no".  We called a neighbor of ours to see if he had a chainsaw and he came right over to do the dirty work for us. 

Man I love this neighborhood!

The blade wasn't quite sharp enough so we regrouped after dinner to finish the job. 

(Before we even owned the house)


Good bye beautiful tree, you will be missed! 



Anonymous said...

Wow, that's pretty sad! The house looks nice though!

Tressa said...

It opens up the front of your house though. I guess you'll have to plant some more trees just not on the poo tank.

daisy said...

Aw, bittersweet. The house looks more open though. Hope you planted a replacement!


No no no. I must reassure you that your house looks way better with the removal of that tree. Were you able to salvage it for firewood?

marisa said...

Thanks guys. Maybelline, we did save the wood! Now, I just need to get a wood burning oven.

David said...

Marisa, I have a couple limbs that I've been looking at while sitting on the poor man's patio. They really should come down. Old Sic, the Sicamore tree should be taken down entirely and I am devising a plan for that tree as well. One of the summer projects is to build a backyard patio with a firepit. I hope to be burning wood in September on the patio in the firepit.

I always read your blog but for the month of May I've been extremely busy outside. Today was about a three asprin day. :0) I did get the trellis on the poor man's patio completely planted and the drip watering all set up for the plants. Now all that's left is to dowse the plants with fertilizer every three weeks and sit back and enjoy. I like that part.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. I always enjoy reading yours.

Alison said...

It looks amazing! You guys have done a lot of work - way to go! The house is beautiful.

Mike said...

Thanks Alison,

And Dave, it is good to hear from you! The patio firepit sounds so dreamy!

Veggie PAK said...

I'm glad you had the tree removed before it caused problems for you. I also note that the ivy is gone from the left side of the house. Good choice!