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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bee Box Bonanza

After you have your "code signs" memorized, you will want to get your bee boxes ready.
Bee boxes should be white or a light pastel color. Darker colors attract too much heat. We wanted a nice clean white. Brother B suggested using Bher exterior paint because it is durable.  We recommend painting your bee boxes before the day you pick up your bees. (I would NEVER procrastinate like that) Okay, maybe I did, but I've been really super busy.

 Choose the location for your bees. Really think about where you want it, because is is not recommended to move the hive once the bees are in. We wanted the entrance to face the east because we get the least amount of wind from that direction. 

We were constantly referring to the book, 'Bee Keeping For Dummies' as we were setting this up. We raised our hive up on cinder blocks to help keep moisture out.

Next, scream as loud as you can when you find a snake right next to your bee box.

After that watch as your husband has to pretend that he is Steve Irwin

Then as it slithers under the fence to the neighbors yard, yell, "AND STAY OUT!"
Then calmly explain to the children that they are much more afraid of us that we are of them while deep down you know that you are WAY more afraid of them than they are of me.



Squirrel Leigh said...

What a great tutorial so far! Now, in our yard we only have a mid-sized black rat snake, is that gonna work ok?

marisa said...

Squirrel Leigh, I believe that will work just fine!


You people are crazy!
Messing with bees and now snakes?!

Jamie said...

It's true. Same with spiders. I don't care if I am 1 billion times bigger than those creepy little creatures! I AM more scared.

Elisabeth said...

Too funny. Loved the whole post.

Dollwood Farms said...

LOL, Love it!

Red Hill General Store said...

Great info thus far. Love the bit with the snake. Definitely put a smile on my face this rainy afternoon.

Mrs. Farmer said...

Thank you for these posts. I have been talking the hubby out of raising bees for several years (he's allergic!), but my love of honey is wearing me down! We might try our hand at bee-keeping soon!

Your posts are informative and humorous. The humor will help keep the little hints (like the cinder blocks to keep the damp out) stuck in my mind.

Great work!

Shaunika said...

Just read this post.....so funny! "And stay out!".....hahaha!