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Monday, May 9, 2011

First Order of Business When You Get Bees

In preparation for getting our bees, Michael and I decided that we needed to come up with a form of non-verbal communication in case one of us gets stung and can't speak. If you have bees, or are thinking about getting bees, you may want to  think about adopting some of our "sign language."

Aghhh! I just got stung!
 No action is necessary after this sign. A sympathetic face and restraint from laughing is all that is advised.

 Run for your life!
Action advised: RUN!

I'm going into Anaphylactic shock!
When you see this sign, call 911 immediately. 

You are too late!

Feel free to print off these images and study them before you get your bees. Make sure everyone is clear on the signs. We will be quizzing our children on them.

We will have more articles on bees this week!



Allison at Novice Life said...

Too funny! I am reading on everyones blogs this week about their experiences getting bees! I want to do this so bad....hopefully next year!

Good Luck!!

daisy said...

Too cute!!!

Jen J said...

That is hilarious!!! I love Mike's facial expressions. I hope that you will never need to use those signs though! Can't wait for the bee posts.

Elisabeth said...

We just got bees. I'll have to be sure I brief my son on the proper way to signal. Thanks for the tips. :D Ha! Funny post.


Jennifer said...

This is just the laugh I needed today. I hope the bees like elbows.

Anonymous said...

My hubby, who has up until now fully supported all of my animal acquisitions, is still leery of my desire to get bees. I'm reading up and hopeful that next year the Bee Haus will be available in the US. Perhaps if they are in a cute box they won't seem so dangerous to him. LOL

Michelle said...

Awesome!!!! There's nothing like a little beekeeper humor! LOL Can't wait to see your progress. Good luck! : )

Shaunika said...

OMGosh! Laughing so hard my eyes are tearing up!

Anonymous said...

your missing the sine for help the bees going up my leg whot the hell do i do