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Monday, December 13, 2010

X Marks the Spot

Out here in the sticks we have septic tanks (a.k.a. the poo tank) The previous owners had approximately 18 people living here. The poo tank can get quite full when it is used a lot and can cause issues. We haven't had any major issues YET, but we have a few slow drains. We started asking around and found out that the previous owners never had it pumped. We got a map from the county telling us where the clean out is. According to the map the clean out is directly under the sidewalk. AWESOME! 

It places the clean out, right about here.
 But we can't find it. I feel like a pirate digging for treasure, actually I don't feel like that at all. It actually feels like we are sitting on a ticking time bomb. But when the bomb goes off, it will be a big stinky mess.  I can put up with a lot of things, but I draw the line at fecal matter in my home. 

Luckily we have great neighbors that are willing to offer moral support and help dig.

We are now 4 feet down and 3 feet under the sidewalk and haven't found anything. Now we hear that the maps aren't always exact.
Thus....X marks the spot

I always love a good adventure.
 Till next time.




Casey said...

Oh man... not cool... I think stuff like that should be clearly marked, with a laminated map of exact GPS given to you with the keys to the place... :)

David said...

Oh, yeah, you just have to love septic tanks. I lived in a house for twelve years that had two septic tanks. One was for the laundry room and one was for the kitchen and bathroom. Luckily I didn't have any trouble with them while I lived there. Good luck with the cleanout hunt.

jacki said...

I can't imagine it being hidden, that's so crazy! Usually they have a metal latch that holds them shut - have you tried a metal detector?


Oh swell.
Bright side: your yard is getting aerated and you're getting to know your neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Those maps aren't at all exact, but if you can wait for spring, you can follow Erma Bombeck's famous title "The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank." (She is right, you know.)

We have a septic tank (actually two sand filter tanks) and have them well marked after our original treasure digging. No--you don't have to have ugly markers. Mine have lovely lilies marking the clean outs. (I've found you can dig the lilies up about any time of year, then plunk them back in the dirt after and they thrive. They are also tall enough to cover any ugly cement clean out covers fairly well.

Ask about local recommendations, but we were told to clean our tanks out every two years, plus hose out the opening filters every three to four months. And that's with just 3 people living in the house!

Good luck. I feel for you!

Fiona said...

Oh wow not cool! I also live off in the woods. (give or take a few feet) I'm about 432 feet, before I get off my property to the nearest rural road. And then it's about a country mile to a small country village.

I had a large septic system put in, with a reserve tank included. considering I'm alone up here, I only need to get it pumped every 3 years.

Thank you for sharing.

Blessings Fiona

Wendy said...

I'd laugh, but an improperly cared for septic system is so *not* funny! we had to replace ours a few years ago. It's worked okay since, but you're right in not wanting the poo to back up into your house. Ick!

Bill Bird said...

Ah yes -- the joys of septic tanks. I remember them well. It was rather easy to find mine -- the only one I've ever had -- and the only one I'll ever want. My house -- on one-and-one-half acres -- was new construction. The soil was hard clay -- which compresses to half its original size when wet from rain when compared to dry.

The builders buried my spanking new septic tank during the dryest of summer days and did not compress the soil when they covered it up. You can guess what happened.

One rainy morning I spotted this suspcious hole that opened up in the front yard -- a hole with water running into it. Alarmed by this discovery -- I went outside to check. And while inspecting this hole -- a 5X5 foot section of land surrounding me suddenly collapses and tumbeled inward -- sending me down with it.

There I was...Standing on the top of my septic tank...Five feet below ground level. Digging myself out of that mud and muck was not easy.

Never again! Give me city plumbing!