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Friday, May 13, 2011

Hardening Off

This week we have been hardening off our plants.

What is that you may ask.

Your plants up to this point have had a cushy life. The temperature, humidity, and moisture, has been closely monitored. They have not experienced full sun, wind, or changing temperatures. Hardening off is the process of slowly getting them used to the environment they are going to move to. A typical hardening off at our home may go like this:

Day 1: Move plants outside in the shade for 2-4 hours on a nice day.
Day 2-5: Move plants outside for 2-4 hours in the shade and one hour in the sun making sure the weather isn't too cold or snowy.
Day 6-7: Move plants outside for 2-4 hours in the shade and 2-4 hours in the sun.
Day 8-10: Move plants outside for 2 hours in the shade and 6 hours in the sun.
Day 11-12 Move plants outside for 8 hours in the sun.
Day 13-14 Leave plants outside all day and all night in the area they will be planted. Be sure that the weather overnight won't be too cold or windy.

I won't get to take advantage of the great weather we are supposed to have this weekend. I will be running a 70 mile relay race in Moab. 

What are you doing this weekend?


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Just a little tip: set a timer to remind you to bring them in. I've forgotten in the past and left them out too long or overnight only to find dead seedlings. Since using a timer, I haven't had a mishap. Also, I start with just one hour because they are soooooo tender at first. Hope your plants thrive and love their new home in the garden!

Allison at Novice Life said...

Your seedlings look great!!


Now running when you don't have to?!

Confirmed: You are nuts.

Your plants will be producing before you know what to do. Beautiful.


Blogger's recent hiccup gave me an opportunity to check out your post a bit further.

2 BBQs?! Are you showing off?

Mrs. Farmer said...

This weekend I will be running outside every few hours to make sure the thunderstorms we are expecting don't take out my new plants. I will build some kind of protection for them if necessary. Until then, I am praying for light winds and NO HAIL!!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I pray you do well in the race!! Your plants look really good.

Jen J said...

Good Luck on your race! Relays are so fun. Are you running the Wasatch Back again? Maybe we will see you there. :)

marisa said...

Amy, great tip!

Maybelline, we got the charcoal grill from our old neighbors, and the other grill was inherited with the house. We hope it works!

Mrs. Farmer, how did your plants do this weekend?

Jen, no Wasatch Back for me this year, that race is so crowded and crazy. I think I'm just going to do a tri at the end of the summer.