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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Readers Question: Balancing Chickens

We are currently caring for our sons two chooks whilst he is overseas. We have done this a number of times previously and fondly refer to the girls as our grand-daughters. This time whilst one chook is fine and healthy and laying the other chook is molting and displaying signs of balance loss. She appears to stagger to the side and has also been seen to go backwards whilst trying to forward.

Any ideas or suggestions regard this behavior would be greatly appreciated.
~Jeanette & Jim

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Anonymous said...

It might be a good idea to supplement your chickens diet with some more cottage cheese, mashed egg and yogurt. She may be dehydrated or showing signs of anemia. Hope this helps. I've only seen this once.

Raechill said...

Also they might want to look up "Marek's Disease"

Anonymous said...

your chicken has either a mite problem which have gotten into her ears or she has a pregnant tick on her or maybe an ear infection. Search her diligently if you she doesn't have mites or a tick the pour a drop of two of undiluted mineral oil in her ears. The old lady is suffering and you don't have long to deal with this. thanks wc@msn.com