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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Compost Tea

Compost tea is really simple to make and simple to use. You can make it on a large scale or on a small scale. 

Today I made an itty bitty batch for a few of my plants growing in the window. (It also photographs better than a big ugly bucket)  I wrapped some compost in cheese cloth (you could also use piece of fabric) and stuck it in a mason jar and filled it with water. After a day or two, I just take out the cheese cloth/compost and am left with some compost tea which I will use to water my plants. Then the old compost goes right back into the compost bin.

Normally I make it in a 5 gallon bucket by just scooping a few handfuls of compost in the bucket, then filling it with water.

You can get in depth and complicated using molasses and pumps, but I prefer to go the simple route.

Why use compost tea? 
  • It gets nutrients to your plants quickly
  • It increases plant growth
  • Replaces toxic garden chemicals


Brave New Gardeners said...

We have a container underneath our compost bin (it's a tumbler type) that collects composty liquid. We dilute that and use it to make compost tea, but I think this method is a heck of a lot easier! I will definitely try it this year. :)

Meg said...

I love using compost tea and make it the same way. I remember my grandmother made it for all her gardens so when I started gardening I just followed suit.

Expert Contabil said...

I haven`t drink compost tea so far, but i think it is good so tomorrow i will try to do it.

Mrs. Farmer said...

We make "poo tea" ... LOL We let it mellow in barrels and buckets then strain it out and dilute it.

We keep the chicken poo tea and the pig poo tea separate. They have different qualities.