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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stealth Chickens

I have written articles previously about our families outlaw past and our experiences of living outside the law. We had illegal chickens for 4 years in our previous abode, flaunting the laws of the land. Jennifer has written a great article about how to legalize chickens in your local area if you aren't the anti-establishment type. If you are more inclined to break the law, I just found out about a new type of chicken coop that is cropping up across the land. The stealth chicken coop, or low profile chicken coop.

Apparently, chicken lovers are starting to design homes for their chickens that blend in to suburbia so that others don't even notice that they have chickens in their backyard. I love it!

My Pet Chicken has this stealth coop that looks like a garbage can from the front. Granted, it is a small coop but it would work well for a small backyard farm.

The Nogg chicken coop looks more like a piece of art than a chicken coop. I do question how well it would work for cleaning and whether chickens would even like it.

This website has plans for a low profile coop that just hooks on to the side of your house. I like this one a lot for 1 or 2 chickens that can roam in your backyard.

If you google stealth coops or low profile coops online you can find a lot of options for building a coop that fits into your neighborhood. Many look like sheds, playhouses, and some are just hidden under porches or decks. I love the idea of secret chicken underground movement where backyard chicken farmers whisper to each other about their fresh eggs and beautiful birds. One day we will all rise up and happy, free, backyard chickens will take over the large


NDScheman said...

I had a fantastic low profile chicken arc from handcraftedcoops.com
CanNOT wait to have the space to have my ladies again! Your blog keeps me smiling in the interim. Keep up the great work!

brookie said...

I really want to thank you guys. You gave me lots of encouragement. Now my seven ladies are laying happily even with our arctic weather. I am glad they don't have to be a secret since we are way out in the country. I constantly encourage my suburban friends to hide some in their yards.

daisy said...

Those are amazing and wonderfully creative solutions. Unfortunately, the HOA here is totally unreasonable. I'll keep these in mind when we find greener pastures.
Thanks for sharing!

Zach said...

I love this! I would love to have chickens but I live in a town that is really, really uptight about yards. Some have ventured to say that in my town, a person's charachter is directly correlated to the state of their yard. Needless to say, chickens aren't welcome.
But, if nobody KNEW about the chickens...

Thanks for the ideas;)

Tanya Boracay said...

wow awesome, how cute this chicken house.

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Zach said...

So the best part about this whole blog post, was the very ending where some day happy, healthy, free chickens will take over the land. Lol that gave me a little giggle!

Debi said...

These may look clever, but they're not designed with chickens in mind. Although unobtrusive or camouflaged, they offer very poor ventilation as is required by chicken respiratory needs. They are not like us, nor dogs and cats, as far as physiology.
Please, don't house your hens in these "cute" boxes.