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Thursday, December 16, 2010

We Found the Poo Tank!!!

I screamed like I had just won the lottery. Never in my little princess life growing up in a well off suburb of Houston did I EVER think that I would one day be so excited to find a sewer. Never in my entire life could I imagine that my thoughts, conversations, and energy would revolve around finding a poo tank. But, this is the new me! And I'm comfortable with the new me.
I told Reece that I would pay him $25 if he found the poo tank. After school he spent a few hours digging. He wanted to take a  break, so I told him that I was going to dig for a while. He was adamant that he do all the digging because he wanted the $25. I told him to give me just a half hour and then he could dig again. Well after a half hour I was just getting into a rhythm, and I told him that if he worked along side me and I found it, he could still get the money. Luckily for him, he came out and started helping just 5 minutes before I found it.

Next problem, it is under the sidewalk. A neighbor has a cement cutter and another neighbor has equipment to lift the piece of cement. We are getting closer!



Tressa said...

Glad you found it. So my question is will you move the sidewalk so that you won't have to dig under and move it every few years?

Shaunika said...

Sometimes I wish blogging were like facebook and I could just click "Like". Seriously, this post gave me a good laugh!....because I was just about as excited when we had to dig up our septic tank a few years back. "Yay...we found it!" Oh, the simple joys in life.

Jacks said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of work. Good luck.

Allen said...

Depending on how thick your sidewalk is you can do it with a normal circular saw. You just need to get a concrete blade. You can pick them up for $10-15 at home depot.

Cut both sides and maybe two in between, then break it into managable pieces with a 10-16lb sledge hammer. It will take you some time, but it's not a hare job.

You could probably get Reese to do the sledge work for the right incentive. Maybe a dollar per piece with some kind of an upward bound.

marisa said...

Tressa, we are trying to just cut a small piece of the sidewalk out, and then we will try to not break it and put it back in place. Then every couple years when we have to pump it, we will have to move it again.

Shaunika, glad I could make you chuckle. Isn't it funny the things that can make you happy?

Allen, If the sidewalk was just regular cement, I would be all about just breaking it up and re-pouring that section. But, it is tinted and stamped. I don't want to have to match it. So, we are going to try not to break the piece. That may be impossible, but we are going to try.

Michael Atkinson said...

mmm poo