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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Haul Part 1

One of the nice things about having a backyard farming blog is that people know what Marisa and I are passionate about. Since many of our friends and family know what we enjoy, they are nice enough to give us Christmas gifts that we can use as we try to become more self sufficient. We made a haul this year and wanted to show you some of the nice gifts we received.

Marisa's brother Cameron gave us this beautiful bag of wildflower seeds from Applewood Seed Company. You might ask yourself, "What is so special about wildflower seeds." Well these seeds are special for two reasons. First, they are specially formulated to attract native bees and honey bees and give them the pollen and the nectar that they need to make honey. In addition, they will grow well at our elevation and temperate zone.

We are really excited about these seeds as we have been told that in our area, there isn't a lot of natural flowers for our bees to forage from. We hope that by planting some of these seeds, and starting some fruit trees and a garden, we will be able to provide better for our bees.

Did you get anything for your homestead this Christmas? Tell us what you gave or received in the comment section.


daisy said...

Wildflowers were a thoughtful gift. Not just for you, but for the nature it will attract!

I received an instant-read thermometer for my bread baking. Love the simple things that make life easier!

Happy New Year all!


My dear old Aunt Belle used to throw seeds of wildflowers by the side of the road in front of her store in Otto, Wyoming. Her efforts helped beautify the area so much that the governor took notice and made a special recognition.

I would be thrilled with an entire sack of wildflower seeds. Enjoy this gift for a long time to come.

Kimberly said...

The homestead. Seriously. We got a contract on a five acre farm and will move in this month. :) So excited!

marisa said...

Wahoo!!! Kimberly, that is so exciting!