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Monday, December 27, 2010

The cutest coop EVER.

This is the cutest coop ever. And I mean EVER. I want this coop. I want to copy. Is that bad? 
To view all the images of The Fancy Farm Girl's coop, click here.


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Hmmm.... It's lovely alright, and I adore what she's done with the coop, but it's kind of like the twilight zone - something's not quite right. Where's the dirt from the hens flapping their wings and spreading a layer of fine silt from their recent dirt bath? And the poop? Where is that? The ladder would be covered in it at my homestead. Apparently she takes better vitamins than I do because she has the time and energy to run a photography business, blog, AND fastidiously clean her coop! Oh, to have energy like that!!

Definitely fun to see, but I hope she posts followup pictures later down the road so we can see how it looks a few months from now.

Pearl said...

I like the look of this coop. The only thing I'm questioning is the sanity of the person wanting to leisurely sit in the midst of the smell.

marisa said...

Amy and Pearl, you make very good points!!!


I believe anyone with a coop like this has staff to keep the thing squeaky clean constantly. With that tidbit, the cost of an egg may be around $25.95 each.

It's nice to dream.

The Septic Tank Blog said...

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brookie said...

Very cool coop. Amazing and creative. I love the idea of a fancy farm. She says in her post that it isn't always that clean and that she send lots of time cleaning it. What a great artistic outlet.

I went to her blog and poked around. She has some adorable donkey's too! We have one and I got to say they eat almost nothing and make a great kids toy/pet. My kids climb all over him, tie him to the swing set, and really love him. Granted the Donk has no real farm yard use, but he does chase away coyotes. Just a little side note to consider as you plan your new farmyard.

Megan said...

O.M.G....wow.....almost too perfect to be real! She must have diva princess chickens!! I have to admit I am starting to drool just looking at it-puts my little coop to shame.

Heather Walker said...

It puts my little home to shame.:)

Tiffany ~ The Fancy Farmgirl said...

Hi Girls!
Thank you for featuring my coop on your blog!
If you read the post that this links too, it states, that the coop OBVIOUSLY doesn't look like this all the time, I was very upfront about how dirty chickens are and how stinky, and how it was cleaned for the shoot. However, having said that, I do find time to clean my coop several days a week, and my hens are all free ranged, so they only come in the the coop at night or to lay eggs, keeping it much cleaner than a coop where chickens are penned up all day. Hence the way I can get away with such a small run area. I am not a fly by night farmer, have over 25 years experience. My goal is to let people know a farm can be fancy, and functional! :) So glad you enjoyed seeing it,
xoxo, Tiffany ~ The Fancy Farmgirl