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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You Are Invited To a Pollen Party

by Mike

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bee,

You are invited to a pollen party that we will be having all summer in our garden. We are throwing this party to show appreciation for your hard work and busyness. At the party we are throwing we hope you will find many of the following attractions.

-We heard you like flowers of all colors but you are partial to blue, white, yellow and purple flowers the most. There are plenty o flowers for your varied color preferences.

- We have a nice section of herbs that our bee neighbors told us that you would especially bee (no pun intended) attracted to. You will find basil, cilantro, mint, thyme, sage and rosemary in our herb garden.

-I think you will also like what you find in our vegetable garden. You might really be interested in the beautiful flowers on our pumpkins, squash, cucumbers, peppers.

-You might also want to spin by the sunflowers, and apple trees on the back of the property. You will find plenty of nectar and pollen on these plants, and it also happens to be the place where all of the celebrity bees hang out.

There is no need to rsvp or bring anything but your fuzzy little legs and fast moving wings. You know where we live. Feel free to invite your friends. Yes, I know you can't talk but I've heard you can do a cool dance to tell your friends how to get here. I know your queen doesn't get out much but invite her as well. If she can't come, you're welcome to go back to your hive with some extra nectar and regurgitate it for her. Oh, by the way, don't invite your wrestler friends the Killer Bees. They don't seem to get along with anyone.

Dress is casual. Recommend your striped outfit as it is always very slimming on you (not that you need it.)

We look forward to seeing you, as do our plants. Until then, stay safe and happy flying.

Mike and Marisa Johnson


Anonymous said...

Such a cute post!

Jennifer said...

So clever!

Rachel said...

Very cute, but the wrestlers kind of scare me.

Stacie Shepp said...

Love this post! Thank you :)