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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bag Monster

If you cringe at the thought of all the one time use bags that get used at stores, then you need to check out The Bag Monster Blog!

Check out these great bags that I won off of their blog
There are 3 bags, all of which fit within the cute red apple bag for easy storing. Bag 1 is hemp cotton which is good for leafy greens, grains, and green beans,  it absorbs moisture and restricts airflow. Bag 2 is rePETe which is great for squash, broccoli, carrots and celery because it restricts airflow and locks in moisture. Bag 3 is rePETe mesh for apples, oranges, onions, and potatoes because it allows ethylene gas to escape.

So, if you are into this whole reusable bag movement and you are in the San Fransisco area, check out this post, they are looking for volunteers to dress up as a "bag monster" To show support of California Bill AB 1998 and the reusable bag movement! If they reach their goal of 100 volunteers they will successfully display the average persons LIFETIME use of plastic bags.

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