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Monday, August 16, 2010

Boo Hoo

The SJ House (the one on 2.5 acres with the amazing barn) got multiple offers. The bank came back and told all the offers to put in their highest and best offer. Since the house was already at the top of our price range, we had already done that. We just found out today that we got outbid, and we assumed we would.

(Thanks mom and dad for the braces!)

But that is okay....see, I'm still smiling. Although the barn was amazing, and it was a screaming deal, with 4 corrals, an amazing view of the mountains, and in a great location..... my heart wasn't really with that house. It would have gone down more like a business deal.

We had a home inspection done last week on the orphan house (aka "the dirty house")

Everything was okay, the foundation, plumbing, wiring, and radon levels were all in tip top shape. The only major issue is that there are some shingles missing on the roof in spots. So we will definately need to fix that before winter comes.
Just look at the view from the backyard! Ahhh, I feel more peaceful just looking at the picture. 

And here is one of the walls to the courtyard in the front of the house. I can just imagine having breakfast or doing homeschool there. 

Now we just keep playing the waiting game on the bank to close this deal. 
I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Wish us luck!



Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Perhaps the Good Lord is protecting you from something on that other house. Or maybe He knows this house will be a better fit for your family. Whatever it is, trust Him and wait patiently. And pray. I'll pray, too! It's such a joy to see someone find their "homestead" dream.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Wow, today we just signed the release to exit the contract on an adorable historic fixer upper that I'd dreamed about... It was supposed to be an investment but the termite damage and foundation troubles were too extensive and risky... So I'll boo hoo right along with you! Sounds like the right place will work out for you soon tho. Good luck! Love your blog and can't wait to explore more.