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Thursday, August 5, 2010

House Update

House #1
This was a no from the get go because of the bad floor plan.

House #2
This is now off our list because for what it is, I still feel that it is over priced, the floor plan is very closed off (I want something more open) and I'm not a fan of the street it is on. I still love the cute porch and red door.
House #3
This one is out as well, it is a beautiful beautiful house, but not my style, top of our price range, and the smallest lot.

Let's switch gears and we will be using A and B because we are down to 2 houses and have thrown an new one into the mix.

House A
(AKA "The Dirty House")
If you don't mind we are going to rename this home "The Orphan House" because it wants to be a great house, it just hasn't had parents to really take care of it and show it how to fulfill it's potential.
(I took this picture last time I was there, so it is different than the picture in the last post)
Great price
Basement is finished
1 acre
Rural Feel
I love the view
I love the street

For Salt Lake it is a less desirable area (not run down, it just isn't the hip place to live) which I'm cool with
It is dirty
We will have to put some money into it
Nothing is done in the yard

House B
The SJ house
2.5 acres!!!
Fully Fenced-4 separated corrals
It has a great barn
The house is a little outdated in some things, but I could live with it, and slowly change them-no need to immediately change things like the orphan house
A desirable area (by other peoples standards)
Large kitchen 
Space for 3 bedrooms, family room, and storage room in the basement (con, we would have to finish the basement)
Great access to the highway/freeway
Has a few fruit trees
Great investment, great deal
Can be sub-divided, so if we wanted, we could make some money off of it.

Top or our budget
Quite a bit smaller than the orphan house
The basement is not finished
It is just 2 lots in from a busy road (but the actual road it is on is not busy)

the lot includes the barn on the left and goes all the way back to the grey house/white fence in the background
We are putting an offer on this home today. We have faith that if it is the right one, everything will go through with it. We still have a home inspection scheduled next week for the "orphan house".



Jennifer said...

Wow! I'm so excited for you. What are some of your favorite flowers? I'm planning to collect my seeds for you.

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Wow is right! Awesome house! I love the barn. And trust me. A big house is not all that it's cracked up to be. You may have more room to spread out, but you also have more rooms to fill and clean. I have no clue how I'll clean this house when my 3 girls are on their own!

angela said...

holy fabulous barn, batman! best of luck.

PickingUpStitches said...

You made the same choice I would have. I live in a big house on a small lot (40 feet by 120 feet). I could be very happy with a much smaller house if I had some land!

2.5 acres is awesome, and so is that barn!

Dale Johnson said...

Who cares about the house or anything else. Just look at that barn!

brookie said...

I am really excited for you. I am enjoying this whole process. Can't wait to see what you do!

marisa said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone! We should know by next week whether we got outbid or not.

Jennifer, oh where do I start? My very favorites are black eyed susans and echinacea. But, I would love anything you had to offer!

Rachel said...

I'm all over house B. Who needs a big house when you have a barn! Plus it is basically move in ready and has more land. And since it's smaller you can save money on utilities. Pure awesomeness!


Love The "B" hive.
Wishing you the best either way. I look forward to watching your progress. This is like an HGTV program. fun.

katiegirl said...

Yeah, who needs a big house? I'd be living in the barn anyways!! I'm crossing my fingers for you!!

Diane said...

New reader here. The house with the barn hands down. The thought of gardening, animals, horses. I think I am getting ahead of myself.