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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Imaginary Deodorant

by Marisa

Our family is slowly yet consistently making changes to use products free of harmful chemicals. I feel that small changes are the best way to make the changes stick. If we were to all of a sudden change all of our products at once, there would an uprising around here. It would also be very difficult to research each item to make good decisions. We are able to choose just one area we would like to change, do the research, and make the change. We can then see if the change will realistically fit in our lives and our budget. 

Michael has agreed to "try" what he calls "imaginary deodorant". 

Just a tip ladies, if you convince your husband to make the switch. Don't turn around and make fun of him for the pink packaging on the unisex deodorant. 

Second tip. Don't let your husband trick you into thinking that the picture on the packaging is the only way to apply said deodorant. He can apply it himself, and 99.9% of the population would not look like that while applying. Michael and I were going to take a picture of ourselves recreating this picture, but we figured nobody would ever come back to this blog if we did. You're welcome. 

Seriously, who had this great marketing idea?

For a homemade deodorant recipe, click here.


Ladyfromthewoods said...

I switched over to this about a year ago. It works for me for the most part unless I'm out in this summer heat very long. Then I will sweat more than I would like (con), but it doesn't smell (pro). I do keep a "standby" anti-perspirant in the drawer for days it REALLY matters.

But after a year, my imaginary deoderant is still 3/4 full. PRO! And I know it's better for me. Pro. I've graduated to saying I will always keep this for my everyday deoderant but will still keep a stick of Secret in the drawer. I gradually learned when I would need the standby, but am now confident in using this for most of my days.

But I can't help but play a voiceover in my head for that pic. Arnold S. voice: "Look at my awesome muscles." Lady: "Yes, dear. Now stand still and let me make this situation tolerable. I'd like to be able to quit making this face."

Julie said...

Hilarious post!

My DH and I have been using "the rock" for almost 2 years now. We love it.

Jennifer said...

Bwa-ha-ha! Love the post and Lady's comment. Maybe you've mentioned this before -- where do you buy it?

marisa said...

You can get it at Whole Foods and Sunflower, we found it at Harmons.

Amanda said...

My boyfriend uses the rock deodorant too, a different brand but basically the same thing. He's had the same one for at least 5 years. The stuff lasts forever. I however don't use deodorant at all. What can I say, I never sweat!