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Friday, July 16, 2010


Apartment dwelling is getting better. I didn't realize how depressed I was for a few weeks. I think I'm just so used to having yard work during the spring/summer and the lack of yard work has gotten me down. There isn't anything to get me outside in the morning when it is a little cooler, get my body moving and my blood flowing. There is just something about gardening that is good for my soul, and I'm just not getting it. It would also get my kids up and out of the house in the morning as they would follow me out to pull a few weeks and water. I feel like we are all just sluggish in the mornings. Next year will be a great garden year, I will be all refreshed and revitalized and will really appreciate the garden.



k.m. said...

wanna live in herriman? I know of a particular place...

KJ's Restart Button said...

I know exactly how you feel. Last year I didn't garden because of cancer treatments. This year I had big dreams of my gardening only to have it squashed by more physcial issues. I have been fighting depression myself. Keep focusing on next year. I will do the same.

marisa said...

Konnie, I wish you the best! Sorry you weren't able to get a garden in this year. Next year for us both!!!

Kristi, good luck selling your house, if only you had a little more land, I would be all over it.

maggie said...

Oh- I've been there. It's uncomfortable. Here's hoping you have a speedy reunion with gardening. Perhaps a little guerrilla gardening in the mean time?

A.Rhodes said...

I have a blog award for you, here is the link


enjoy your day!