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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tomato Quiz Answers

Thank you to those who played! We did not have a winner in the quiz, but because 5 of you were adventurous and tried, you are all winners! Please send your name and address to us and you will each receive a packet of my harvested heirloom seeds.

Send your address to backyardfarming{at}gmail{dot}com

1. Tomatoes are native to what continent?
a. Asia
b. South America
c. Europe
d. Australia

2. In what year did the U.S. Supreme Court rule that the tomato is a vegetable and not a fruit?
a. 1800
b. 1999
c. 1893
d. 1776
The case was NIX v. HEDDEN, May 10, 1893. Imported vegetables were subject to a 10% duty; fruits were free. Mr. Hedden was the tax collector, and Mr. Nix, after paying duties on tomatoes under protest, sued him for a refund, reading in evidence the dictionary definitions of "fruit", "vegetable" and "tomato." The court found that for purposes of trade and commerce, "the common language of the people" was to be followed rather than botanical definitions. Tomatoes, like potatoes, carrots, parsnips and other vegetables, are served with the main part of the meal; fruits generally as dessert. The plaintiff got no refund.

(Information found here)

3. You should store your tomatoes
a. in the fridge
b. at room temperature
c. in the attic
d. in the doghouse

4. When the French first were introduced to the tomato, they called it
a. the apple of love
b. apple of paradise
c. nasty
d. perfect for french fries

5. About how many varieties of tomatoes are there?
a. 5
b. 100
c. 1000
d. 10,000

(if you answer A, you need to get out to a farmers market!)

6. Which country produces the most tomatoes?
a. America
b. China
c. Italy
d. Chili

7. The largest documented tomato weighed
a. 3 lbs. 4 oz.
b. 7lbs. 12 oz.
c. 9lbs. 1 oz.
d. 5 lbs. 8 oz.

8. Botanically speaking, a tomato is a fruit


m. said...

fun! i wasn't brave enough to take the quiz :)

Kenneth Moore said...

China, really? Wow.

More specifically, it's a berry (but a strawberry is neither straw, berry, nor fruit, even! Everyone talks about the tomato controversy, but no one worries about strawberry's mislabeling... Sigh.).

Anonymous said...