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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Can Feel it, Can You Feel it?

Spring. It is getting close, and I'm getting excited. There is so much to look forward to in the garden during the warmer months. Here are some things I'm excited about:

Freshly picked strawberries.

Power Rangers protecting my garden.

Filling my kitchen with greenery.

Freshly picked melons.

When the kids ask for a snack, I just have to send them out to the garden.
This is Reece munching on a raw beet.


Making forts in the garden.
What are you excited about?



Devon said...

Me too!! We planted our seed starters two days ago!! I can't wait to see them sprout, and I can't wait for the giant crop of basil I'm going to have (hopefully)! I am also excited to see the butterflies our plants will attract--my son loves butterflies, so we are doing a butterfly garden with him this year. Any good indoor starter tips? I have them under a lamp since I don't have a good south facing window...this is the first year I'm starting seeds, so any advice would be welcome!

BTW, I LOVE your pics!!!

Laura said...

Thanks for inspiring me to get started. Here in Florida spring comes much sooner and I am probably already behind. I have raised beds to build seeds to start and research to do about what and how to grow things here in the muggy, buggy south.
Love the pictures!

Katidids said...

We're just a week or 2 away from starting seeds. My fingers are itching to get started!

Kalena Michele said...

It's coming! I can feel it!!

Casey said...

I just started a few seeds and the weather has been unusually warm so I've been working on doing my one flower bed in lasagna gardening. I've been reading about it and a lady I know is going to do a class at the college in March that I hope to go to.

Dale Johnson said...

This past Friday I ordered Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Rhubarb plants to be delivered at the end of April.

I also ordered 50 Freedom Rangers to for early April delivery. Freedom Rangers are breed of broiler chicken that is smaller, more active, and much hardier than the standard Cornish Cross.

I am enjoying Winter but I am also excited about Spring.