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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did You Watch It?

Michael Pollan was on Oprah yesterday. I got many calls and emails letting me know about it, I appreciate them all! I hope that by his appearance on such a widely known show, it can further this movement by educating so many Americans.

I thought he did a fantastic job. What did you think?


courtneyb said...

very inspiring. Oprah is a great place to go to get the word out and gain followers! Today when I would eat, I thought about what I was eating far more than I used to.

Kalena Michele said...

My entire family watched that show. I came in a little late and my mom mentioned that Oprah was talking about healthier food choices and that she interviewed an author named Michael Something. lol. She was shocked when I knew right off the bat, "Oh, Michael Pollan? Did he talk about "In Defense of Food" or "Omnivore's Dilemma?" They didn't realize how much research I've done over the past couple of years. I was wonderful to share the rest of the show with my family.

Leighanne Johnson said...

i loved it, even though i didn't see all of it. david and i actually had a talk a few weeks ago about trying to buy food items from local growers and companies so that we can help give back to our community in that way. the whole thing was really interesting i think though

Becky said...

Thanks for letting us know about it. I usually can't stand to watch Oprah but I did this time to hear Micheal Pollan. I'm halfway through Omnivore's delimma and I'm stunned and moved by what I'm reading.
I felt like the interview didn't really cover much that wasn't covered in Food Inc. but it was nice hearing it again.