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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Question from a Reader

My friend, former college roomie, and Backyard Farming reader Karen, had 2 questions that I didn't know the answer to. BUT, I know that my trusty readers out there in blogland have lots of great ideas, so I thought I would ask you. Here are her questions:

I'm slowly switching out my cleaning products.

1. Do you have a good recipe for window cleaner that DOESN'T include vinegar? I hate the smell of it. I just made some that used lemon essential oil. I put a few drops extra in hoping to overtake the smell of the vinegar but the scents strangely were separate so I'd either smell the vinegar or the lemon.

2. I'm also looking for a good recipe for laundry detergent that doesn't call for soap flakes. I prefer powder detergent and I've had a hard time finding soap flakes or the solid castile soap bars so I could grate my own. I may just have to switch to liquid laundry detergent. :(

Thanks in advance
Marisa and Karen


Stephen said...

I don't have anything for the laundry detergent, but for #1 we use Mint oil and water.

I think you can get it at any grocery/department store, it's called Crest-o-mint mint oil. It can be used in the wash to remove dirt and grease too so it may solve you second question too.

The label has all the mixing instructions an where it can be used( Wash, kitchen, Bathroom, floors, walls, woodowrk, baby clothes and dog bath).

courtneyb said...

The Duggars have a recipe
but I've only made their liquid soap and their powder still calls for the soap.

Holly said...

Laundry Soap:

2 cups grated gels naptha soap...or dove. I personally like the smell of dove better!! Works just the same!

1 cup washing soda. This is not baking soda, but is made by Arm and Hammer. I get mine at Fred Meyer

1 cup borax

Mix well and store in an airtight container/cute jar.

Use 1-2 Tbs. per load. There are no suds with this so it is great for a front loader.

I made a triple batch and shared with many friends. I still have a lot left! Kind of fun to make. I'm wondering if there is an essential oil out there that smells like Tide so I could still have that yummy smell!!!
Hope this helps! I got this recipe from Carrie at farmingonfaith.blogspot.com. I thinks that's right, but it could be Typepad.
She has a lot of great homemade cleaning recipes.

Emily said...

I make my own laundry detergent with Fels Naptha bar soap. Most larger grocery stores carry it in the laundry aisle. Here's a link to my blog post with the recipe.

Eyrie said...

I make mine like Holly. This website was my inspiration: http://diynatural.com/simple-easy-fast-effective-jabs-homemade-laundry-detergent/
I grate a bar of soap (fels-naptha or ivory so far);
Add 1 cup each of arm-n-hammer washing soda, borax and biz;
Mix together and store in a QT cup (I know I'm cheap but I never take them back for refills...)
I use about 2 Tbsp per load. And I add tea tree oil to stinky loads. Easy peasy!
Good luck!

Eyrie said...

I found recipe for window cleaner without vinegar on a comment on the blog I listed above.
"Another use for rubbing alcohol (and you may already do this, since you use a lot of the same homemade products as I do), is window cleaner. Put 1 cup of alcohol, 1 cup of water (straight from the tap), and 1 Tbsp ammonia in a spray bottle and voila! Window Cleaner!"

Hope this helps...

Holly | Reed Photographic said...

I have nothing further to add about detergent that hasn't been covered above but I do want to add that if you miss that laundry smell you can also make dryer sachets with herbs (lavender is nice!) sewn into cotton bags. Your laundry (and your house) will smell like heaven.

marisa said...

I knew all you readers would come through! I love everything you have shared!

Holly, I would love more info on the dryer sachets.

Elizabeth said...

I also say try out the Duggar recipe. I use it, and several friends are very happy with it too. It makes such a big batch so I split it with them. I think it came out to less than $2 per BATCH for me.

kath said...

www.soapsgonebuy.com has bar soaps and even sells already shredded soaps as well as kits to make your own cleaning products if you want to go that way.
As for glass cleaner, I've used rubbing alcohol mixed with water on my windows and it works well.

Karen said...

Thank you, thank you! I have some other options to look into now. The mint oil sounds interesting. I'm excited to look at all the different blogs. It's encouraging to see other people trying to do all these things too! Really, thanks for all the suggestions.

Thanks for all your help Marisa!

Amanda said...

Simply use club soda to clean windows...nothing else...just club soda. Works better than anything!

Amanda said...

OH and if you're wanting laundry powder without grated soap simply do a 1:1 mix of borax and washing soda. Adding grated soap really helps but this will get the job done. And vinegar in the rinse cycle.