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Friday, February 12, 2016

Great backyard bird count

Join the Great Backyard Bird Count now through Feb. 15 by spending just 15 minutes observing your yard and counting the feathered friends you see. Sounds like a nice break to me!

Visit http://gbbc.birdcount.org for all the details.


David said...

Jennifer, I am helping my cousin fit into a new work environment by walking her little dog during the day while she is at work. Twice a day Bailey and I walk around a near by park. There are trees of different kinds there that attract birds. About two weeks ago, I notice a flock of birds gathered together on the ground and in a couple trees. As Bailey and I walked closer, it became obvious that they were Robins. Another week passed and as I drove by a park near me, I noticed another flock of Robins. It's a sure sign that Spring is not too far away, don't you think? I know it sure encouraged me.

Have a great outside observing day.

daisy g said...

We love birding in our backyard. Hope you spot lots of cuties!

Jennifer said...

David, that must have been quite an experience to see a flock of robins! Thanks for sharing -- just the thought of your sight encouraged me, too.