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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chicken Madness Contest: Win a Book

NCAA march madness is my favorite sporting event. Nothing beats watching athletes compete in a single elimination tournament. Anyone can win, dreams are realized, and hopes are dashed. We are going to do our own Backyard Farming bracket over the next few weeks. We aren't going to pick games, we are going to pick chickens.
Here is what I want you all to do. Send us a picture of one of your chickens. We are then going to pit the chickens against each other (this isn't a real fight, just a comparison of the pictures popularity). Everyone will vote on which chicken they want to advance to the next round. It will be single elimination. If your chicken ends up as the champion you will win the book Your Farm in the City by Lisa Taylor.

Send your picture and chicken name to backyardfarmingblog@gmail.com. If you would like us to list your name or blog as a source let us know in the email and we can give you credit and link to your blog. If you don't want your name listed, let us know in the email as well. Once the contest is finished we will have you provide us your address and the book will be mailed to you.



Lana said...

How fun!! I will have to look through my pictures and send you one. Can't wait to see the entries!

Dale Johnson said...

Love it!