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Monday, September 12, 2011

Calling All Portland Backyard Farmers

Suzanne, a backyard farming reader, contacted me asking for a little help. She is hosting a free class for her neighborhood on backyard farming. She is need of someone willing to teach a class for 30-45 minutes on gardening and chickens. It would be on Saturday, September 24th.

Please leave a comment if you would be interested in teaching something like this! 
Please include a way for us to contact you.

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Angela said...

Hi! A friend shared your blog with me this morning. We have an urban farm in outer NE and run a garden for a nonprofit. We also teach free workshops on all topics (urban chickens, garlic planting, seed starting, lasagna gardening, you name it) for low income families in PDX.

I might be interested in coming to help Suzanne, but would like to talk with her more about details, and see if I might have what she's looking for, and if it fits our schedule...

You could ask her to check out our FB page - Salt of the Earth Urban Farm - to see if our philosophies and experience might be what she's looking for, and then she could e-mail me at angela.baker.knits@gmail.com.