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Monday, March 15, 2010

Chickens Riding Motorcycles

by Mike Johnson

It's time for a new contest but first let me explain:

I took this picture in the Dominican Republic when I lived there. I loved the country and the people. I was always amazed by what people could carry around on motorcycles. You could walk down the street and see anything from huge propane gas tanks on the back of a motorcycles to washing machines. Yes, I actually saw someone with a washing machine strapped to the back of their motorcycle.

Anyhow, I snapped this picture as soon as I saw this guy. I know it is cruel and I am not condoning carrying chickens on the handle bars of your scooter, but you have to admit that it is amazing. I don't know if you realize this but the chickens were all alive. Look at the chicken on the left that is raising up and flapping it's wings.

Now for the contest rules.

We are going to have a chicken photograph contest.
Send us your chicken pictures to:


They can be funny, artistic, heart warming, or beautiful. You name it and we want to see it. Next week we will post your pictures and have everyone vote for the best one. The winner gets this set of egg holders. We have some of our own and we love them.


Unknown said...

Oh, this sounds like so much fun! I can't wait. And I love those little egg holders. I'm off to go take photos!

katiegirl said...

Are we allowed to send more than one?

Unknown said...

Katie Girl,

We will allow a maximum of 3 per person so find your top 3 pictures.

Kate and Crew said...

Sent in 3 pics! Sounds like fun!